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Qingyun Medical is a committed to change the new chemical materials and pharmaceutical industry, to promote the development of the industry's electricity supplier integrated service platform. Qingyun firmly believe that people-oriented, more convinced that employees strong company! We look forward to passionate, customer-oriented professionals joining the Qingyun team. Join us quickly and change the world's knowledge of chemicals!
Data Analyst
Job Responsibilities:
1, Responsible for quality control auditing work of client company documents, product data and product documents; supervise and ensure the import, update and maintenance of customer data with qualified specifications;
2, in accordance with the unified deployment of the company, responsible for the establishment of customer management system, to achieve customer classification management.
Job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above, more than one year workers作经验;
2, excellent interpersonal communication, coordination, calm personality, with a sense of team and overall awareness;
3, sensitive to data and information, with independent business planning ability;
4, a clear goal, clear-cut, can improve the good communication and cooperation among various departments to promote the smooth progress of work;
5, a pharmacy or chemistry-related background is preferred; there are chemical or pharmaceutical industry background data analysis is preferred.
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